Materials You Will Need

  • Packing paper
  • Cartons in various sizes
  • Packing tape
  • Magic marker for labeling

Types of Cartons and What Goes in Them

  • Dish Pack – double reinforced walls provide extra protection for dishes, stemware, and crystal
  • Book Box – designed for heavy items such as canned goods, books, and magazines
  • Medium Box – for non-fragile items such as towels, linens, pots, and pans
  • Large Box – for light and bulky items such as pillows, comforters, and lampshades
  • Wardrobe – a horizontal metal bar allows clothing to remain on hangers taken directly from your closet
  • Mirror or Picture Box – adjustable to provide near custom fits for mirrors, pictures, and paintings

Packing Household Items

After setting up your carton, use crumpled-up paper to create a cushion on the bottom of the box and top the box with crumpled paper before sealing.

  • Plates, saucers, and flat china: Wrap each plate individually and make bundles out of three or four plates, wrapping again. Place the bundles in the carton so the plates are standing on the edge. Never lay flat. Use heavier items as the bottom layer and place crumpled packing paper between each layer.
  • Bowls: Odd-shaped items like bowls should be individually wrapped. Put heavier bowls on the bottom and lighter, more delicate bowls near the top of the carton. Place bowls upside down, bottoms facing up.
  • Cups and Glasses: Wrap individually and place near the top, rim down. Wrapped glasses and cups may be nested.
  • Goblets and Stemware: Always individually wrap and place in the top layer. Never attempt to nest such fragile items.
  • Pots and Pans: Two or three pots or pans can be nested, one inside the other, with packing paper in between the layers. Wrap the entire bundle before placing it in the box.
  • Lamps: Lamp bases should be wrapped, cushioned, and packed in dish-pack cartons. Lamp shades should be packed alone in appropriately sized cartons. Shades can dent easily – cushion loosely.
  • Pictures, Mirrors, Glass Tops, and Marble Tops: These items can be individually wrapped and placed in boxes with other fragile items if small enough. Individually wrap and place in mirror cartons if the items are large. Very heavy items may require custom crating.
  • Books: Place in book boxes with bindings facing up or down. Books with fragile covers should be wrapped in packing paper or acid-free tissue.
  • Clothing: Place hanging clothing in stand-up wardrobes and folded clothing in lay-down wardrobes or medium boxes. Acid-free tissue may be used to protect antique textiles.
  • Food: Canned goods and jarred foods can be packed in book boxes with ample cushioning. Dry goods should be taped shut and packed in medium cartons. Never pack or move perishable or frozen foods.


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