Which Type of Storage is Right for Me?

Take our quick quiz to find out which storage facility is your best fit!

While my goods are in storage I will need to access them:

A. Rarely or not at all

B. Daily, weekly or at regular intervals

The types of items I wish to store are:

A. Furniture, antiques, artwork

B. Boxes, totes, seasonal items

I need storage space because:

A. I need a safe and secure location for my belongings while my home is being renovated or during a relocation

B. I want to make room in my home while I sort out my belongings at my own pace

The level of physical participation I am prepared for is:

A. Very little to none

B. I want to get my hands dirty

My main priority is:

A. Security

B. Accessibility

If you answered:

Mostly A’s – It sounds like containerized storage is right for you! Please call today for more information.

Mostly B’s – Self storage may be your best bet! Please call today for more information.

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